Small Wonders:

Intimate Landscapes in Pastel

   “Small Wonders: Intimate Landscapes in Pastel is a series of diminutive works exploring the landscape through texture and color using a combination of various media including pastels, monotypes, watercolor and linoprints.

 Within the series are several smaller series that offer variations on a theme or process. In many of these works, the combination of pastel with other media adds a depth and tonal variation which could not otherwise be attained.

 The small size of each piece creates an intimacy which draws the eye and allows the viewer to immediately experience the landscape in its totality.

The landscapes in this series were mostly inspired by the rivers, fields and wooded hills surrounding my homestead in upstate New York. They also draw from memories of Southwestern vistas on the high deserts of Utah and Arizona.

    Regardless of the terrain or media used, the subject of these landscapes remains the horizon and the conversation between earth and sky on which we are forever eavesdropping.

A huge thanks to everyone that came out to see the exhibit!

Many of the pastels from the show will be available at the Hamilton Center for the Arts starting May 4th.

Gallery Hours:

Wed - Sat, 12PM - 5PM

16 Broad Street
Hamilton, New York 13346


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